Aprés Anything

Feet feeling cold and clammy after a work out?? Well we can fix that.
We know that other shoes were built for performance and you wear them for their purpose, BUT those shoes are also made out of synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers are not going to allow your feet to breath, whereas Merino wool lets air flow naturally, and wicks away sweat avoiding that clammy, and cold feeling you get after a hard work out. Not only will you avoid that clammy feeling but wool is also inherently odor resistant. It has natural anti-bacterial properties that repel the bacteria, making it the perfect post workout, sock-less shoe!
So, after any activity; surfing, skiing, running, biking or hiking, slip-on our natural Australian Merino Wool footwear. There's nothing more soothing for the foot than Merino Wool.
Let Woolloomooloo Shoe be the first shoe you reach for post surf!