Digitally knitted merino wool

Wool has been used in footwear for years, but it has been used as mostly a filtered or
boiled wool product, which has its limitations. 

Super-fine Australian Merino wool is the best quality wool in the world. The fibers are so fine that it is impossible for the wool to be rough and prickly on your skin. Merino wool has numerous beneficial and natural qualities. It is soft, durable, lightweight yet strong, natural and breathable, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, making it the perfect fiber to seamlessly knit into beautiful footwear. By kitting the fibers together in a 3-dimensional pattern we were able to add strength and depth to the upper.  

Each upper is seamlessly knit as a whole piece and then attached to the comfort outsole. This seamless design is not only better for your foot, but better for the planet. The innovative process of 3D knitting requires no unnecessary cutting or sewing after production; therefore, no merino wool is wasted in the process. On the other hand, different methods of knitting require more labor because they use the traditional cut-and-sew method, post-production. This process produces more waste, and these little scraps of textile waste end up in landfills and add to the pollution problem.

Production waste has become an increasing problem in the apparel and footwear industry around the world and we do not want to contribute to this already growing issue.  

We chose to work with merino wool because it is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable fiber. So, when your shoes have been worn into the ground, nutrients will be put back in when they biodegrade. They won’t harm the planet when you decide they’re on their last leg.

 It's Woolloomooloo's goal to produce as little waste a possible and protect our planet!