Why Woolloomooloo?

To us, the best, and only way there is to make merino wool shoes, is by digitally knitting them. This is the trick to making a supremely soft and comfortable shoe.

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The only sneaker digitally knitted from Australian Merino wool

Wool has been used in footwear for years, but it has been used as mostly a filtered or boiled wool product, which has its limitations. Using advanced digital knitting machines, we have developed the most comfortable Australian Merino Wool sneakers on the market. Developing a whole new level of comfort simply because we have enhanced the already incredible qualities of merino wool. It is soft, durable, lightweight yet strong, natural and breathable, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, making it the perfect fiber to seamlessly knit into beautiful footwear.

knitted, never boiled

Kitting the fibers together in a 3-dimensional pattern allowed us add strength and depth to our uppers. Each upper is seamlessly knit as a whole piece and then attached to the comfort outsole. The innovative process of digital knitting requires no unnecessary cutting or sewing after production; therefore, no merino wool is wasted in the process. Not only does this produce less waste for the planet but it increases the performance of the wool and quality of our shoes.


Some say step outside your comfort zone, but we say, walk in it with Woolloomooloos. For us it is a state of being. All day. Every day. 

Australian merino wool sneakers will simplify and truly fit in your everyday life.

elastic lace system

No sneaker should be too complicated, our signature elastic laces provide comfort and convenience. This sneaker takes athleisure to a whole new effortless slip-on, slip-off level. Elastic laces bring a seamless and modern look for you to enjoy all-day, everyday.

Insanely soft shoes begin with supremely soft sheep.


Our shoes are lined with merino wool, making it 360° of pure softness and comfort. Our merino wool upper is attached to an extremely comfortable outsole, while the comfortable and spongey footbed is lined in wool. The contours in the footbed have been designed by an orthopedic surgeon for maximum arch support. Proper arch support can promote better posture and relieve pressure from your knees and back.


We believe that Australian merino wool makes the most incredible environment for your foot, simply because it is a natural fiber. Not only can it take you from season to season but it's next to skin softness is what takes the cake. Not only does merino wool yield a better, more breathable shoe, but it does so while being gentle to the Earth. Seems like an obvious choice, if you ask us.