Why wool?

Superfine Australian merino wool is one of the most sought after materials in the world. This material blows every other natural and, of course, synthetic material out of the water.

Our founders, James and Paul, set out to build the most comfortable shoe line ever. It all started with Australian Merino wool; it’s the perfect resource – breathable, lightweight, soft. On top of this, it was 2019, so sustainability and the utmost care for our planet had to be central to our plan. Woolloomooloo Shoe was born.

Woolloomooloo Shoe Merino Wool Sneakers

Why wear Australian Merino wool?

Merino wool is grown by Merino sheep. Their wool is softer than regular wool because of how fine the fibers are. Together, Woolloomooloo Shoe and merino sheep provide comfort and performance unlike any other wool sneaker out there.


Superfine Australian Mrino wool is super lightweight, breathable, tempature and moisture regulating due to it’s extremely fine fibers. When temperatures rise, wool can feel up to two times cooler than synthetic fabrics thanks to its ability to transfer moisture away from the skin. In fact, wool can absorb 25% more moisture than synthetic fabrics. Put simply, the wooljust wicks the sweat away from your skin so your feet will feel sweaty and clammy.


A misconception about wool is that it is only meant for colder climates, not hotter ones. We say this is false. Merino wool's warmth is relative to the weight of the fiber. In the chillier months, wool works to insulate your skin from the cold environment, through trapping heat within the structure. It's not magic, it's the natural crimp of the wool fibers that traps pockets of still air. Synthetic fibers and other naturals fibers absorb the moisture which weighs you down and causes odor. Merino wool’s natural ability to readily absorb moisture is what makes it such an incredible fiber to use in footwear.

odor resistant and washable

Wool is a hygroscopic fiber. That's a big, fancy word that just means it readily absorbs moisture (up to 35% of its own weight!). This helps to keep your feet drier and thus prevents the build-up of sweat, bacteria and unpleasant smells. The wool traps the moisture within the fiber's structure and prevents it from coming into contact with microbes, which is actually what causes your sweat to become smelly! Therefore, the texture of the fibers allow no build up of odor, so you can wear your shoes without socks and for a longer period of time. It's a give and take relationship, though. When washed, the wool releases any odor it was clinging onto!

100% natural and renewable

We source all of our wool through the Wool mark Company, the global authority on Merino Wool. Unlike synthetic fabrics produced in factories using fossil fuels, our wool is made by lovable Australian Merinos that only consume grass, water, air and sunshine, enough said. Merino wool is biodegrable and renewable so once your shoes need to be retired, the uppers will degrade in both water and on land. They will not shed any micro-plastics when thrown away or washed.

air flow

Knitting our shoes from Merino wool allows more air flow than a boiled wool product, especially because of the tiny holes.


Merino wool has the ability to wick away sweat avoiding that cold, and clammy feeling you get after sweating.