Our Story

G’day Mate!

Our founders, James and Paul were born and raised in Australia. They grew up in Sydney and love everything about the culture and energy this amazing city brings.

Searching for sustainability:

Having been in the footwear industry for a combined 40 years, James and Paul, were shocked at the lack of commitment this industry makes to environmental impact.  They set out to build a shoe company that was using natural and renewable materials and are committed to reducing non-renewable fossil energy and focused on protecting our environment.

Coupling their concern for a more sustainable planet and their passion for quality footwear, Woolloomooloo Shoe was born.

Our Love for wool:

Supporting Australian sheep farmers, the environment, and the community they live in is something we are so passionate about! Australian Merino wool is one of the most sought-after raw materials for manufacturing and we have figured out a way to digitally knit this beautiful product into lightweight, breathable, washable, sustainable shoes.


We source all of our wool through the Woolmark Company, the global authority on Merino Wool. 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, Australian Merino wool is famous worldwide for its next-to-skin softness, strength, innate versatility and technical benefits.

Washable wool sneakers

Our shoes are 100% washable. Follow the instructions below and your Woolloomooloo Shoes will be looking good as new in no time.

1. Remove loose items! If your sneakers have laces, remove them and the comfort insoles

2. Squirt a little Woolite on the sneaker upper.

3. For machine washing, put the sneakers in a linen bag and turn the dial to machine cold, gentle cycle!

4. For those insoles throw them in your sink or wherever and handwash them with cold water and a dash of Woolite.

5. Lastly, air dry both the sneakers and insoles! Sneakers and insoles should be air dried out of direct hot sun! For your sake and ours, please do not use your dryer. We know, it's tempting because the idea of wearing your sneakers sooner is one that's hard to wait on, but we know you have the strength and will to do so. Once dry, reinsert insoles and slip those bad boys on!


It’s really knitting that makes the difference!

Wool is supposed to be knitted….not served up in a compressed blanket like material like boiled wool. Boiled wool has it's limitation but when wool is knitted you get way more out of it... it's more breathable….(duh…cause of the holes) and has natural elasticity like a sweater or Merino suit and is extremelly lightweight, something most wouldn't expect! Ever wear a boiled wool sock... no cause they don’t exist.

The innovative process of 3D knitting requires no unnecessary cutting or sewing after production; therefore, no merino wool is wasted in the process. No excess waste from post production is even produced, and therefore, does not add to the pressure the fashioon and footwear industry is adding to the pollution problem.

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Better for your feet, better for the planet.

We’ve been in the comfort shoe industry for over 50 years combined….and really know what it takes to build a sustainable shoe without compromising comfort. Woolloomooloo Shoe combines flexibility, lightweight, breathability and support all in one shoe.