How to Wash Woolloomooloo

Wool sneakers are a thing of wonder, we know. Aside from being incredibly good looking, Woolloomooloo wool sneakers are completely washable.

How to wash wool sneakers: 

  1. Remove loose items! If your shoes have laces, remove them and the comfort insoles

  1. Squirt a little wool cleaner on the shoe upper.

  1. For machine washing, remove the insoles, put the sneakers in your washing machine and turn the dial to machine cold, and let them air dry (do not use the dryer!)

  1. For those insoles throw them in your sink or wherever and hand wash them with cold water and a dash of wool cleaner.

  1. Lastly, air dry both the sneakers and insoles! Sneakers and insoles should be air dried out of direct hot sun! For your sake and ours, please do not use your dryer. We know, it's tempting because the idea of wearing your shoes sooner is one that's hard to wait on, but we know you have the strength and will choose to do so. Once dry, reinsert insoles and slip those baaaad boys on!

  1. Step back out into the world .... and don't forget to tag us in your insta pics to be featured on our page! We love seeing all of you in your Woolloomooloo's!  Cheers!