Born From

The Waves

When Woolloomooloo crossed paths with Indie Hoffman, the connection was instant. Indie, a top surfer from a lineage of surf legends, saw the potential in Woolloomooloo’s mission of crafting a new type of footwear with natural, sustainable merino wool. 

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In tradition

For 100 years, Hoffman California Fabrics has been at the forefront of textile design, known for their premium, hand-drawn, and hand-painted prints. This family-run business has continuously blended creativity with tradition, earning a respected place in the fabric industry.

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The Best Of

Three Worlds

This Summer, Indie revives her grandfather’s classic wool designs through a unique partnership with Woolloomooloo Shoe. The collection combines the comfort and sustainability of Merino wool with Indie's unique surf style and the Hoffman family's iconic vintage prints.